Our Services

Our Services

Property Connect BD is a realtor platform that helps investors find, buy, lease, manage and sell residential investment properties. Our integrated tech and services model allows you to build and manage a portfolio remotely from anywhere in the world.

Property Buy - Sell
Property Connect Ltd. facilitates the transaction of new or used property units in the most professional and reliable manner. They maintain an institutional method in the mediation of property units to both sellers and buyers.
Property Documentation
Property Connect Ltd. provides all kinds of assistance towards obtaining and securing property related documentation. When it comes to property related documentation in Bangladesh, an individual has to go through several bureaucratic obligations.
Property Valuation
The task of finding a representative and realistic valuation of a property unit is essential to making a purchase, sales or financing decision on property, be it a house, flat or a land plot. corporate and business houses or even individual clients alike
Property Counseling
Property Connect Ltd. provides all types of counselling, advisory and facilitation services when it comes to construct, renovation, purchasing – selling – renting out of a house/flat/apartment or at the time of taking a loan against the property from any bank or financial institution.
Property Rent & Management
Property management tends to be a challenging task for the owners of property units (i.e. houses, flats/apartments). Often the difficulties arise when collecting monthly rentals, managing regular or ad-hoc repair & maintenance work requirements, payment of various government fees and taxes.

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