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Property Connect Ltd. (PCL) has started its journey in early 2017, with an aim of providing professional and reliable intermediation, advisory and other types of value-added services to its discerning clients in the realms of property management, purchase and sales of new and used properties, legal and documentation services relating to owning and renting out of residential and commercial property units, securing financial services against property etc. Property Connect aims at growing the secondary property market in Bangladesh, through making things easy for both customers and sellers relating to purchase and sales of used or secondary property units. Because of the serious impediments and cumbersome processes in transferring the ownership of property and also because of the lack of professional, reliable and institutional intermediation services, prospective buyers and sellers in the real estate sector suffer the setback in expediting or smoothly carrying out property-related transactions, particularly when it comes to the secondary property market. We at Property Connect would make lives of our valued customers easy, by offering comprehensive solutions to the property needs of discerning customers through professional and reliable services.

Our Vision:

To build the robust platform that enables customers to expand their property dreams.

Our Mission:

To be the clients’ preferred choice of property advisor by exceeding clients’ expectations through focusing solely on their requirements and consistently striving to deliver superior quality and reliable customer services through excellent client relationships in the domains of property advisory and management services.

Our Guiding Values:

  • Integrity of our purposes: We will strictly maintain honesty in all our dealings and actions and with all stakeholders involved in our business environment.
  • Sincerity and commitment in our efforts: We will diligently and promptly provide services to all of our customers and clients in a dedicated manner. As we believe that positive business outcomes should be the result of our sincere efforts and diligent services, so we will always avoid manipulative or deceptive approaches or malpractices in business.
  • Excellence of our executions: We will execute every task or service in a spirit of excellence and focusing on the highest possible quality. We will always be eager to learn new things, admit and own our mistakes and strive for continuous improvements.
  • Compliance and transparency: We are committed to ensuring full compliance in our actions with all the relevant laws, rules and procedures, meeting all prevailing legal and regulatory requirements and always acting in a fair and transparent manner, both with our customers, partners and employees.
  • Professionalism and responsibility in our approach: We will serve and interact with all of our customers, partners, associates and employees in a professional and responsible manner. We will always inspire our employees to walk the extra miles to delight our customers, and reward exemplary performances.
About Us
Property Connect Ltd. (PCL) has started its journey in early 2017, with an aim of providing professional and reliable intermediation, Read More
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